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Boeing AR assistant is an AR application, helping engineers to make maintaining operations. Technological cards automation leads to reduction of failures number, as well as to time spendings on operation reduction. Previously it worked with mobile apps and paper technological cards. Working process previously looked like using paper manuals, so user should interact with it with the hands and distract his attention from the maintaining process. Now, user can use AR glasses, which viewing technological cards over real point of view image.

You even can view 3D objects and animated 3D scenes over a real scene. It helps to visualize required operations while engineer execute this operations on the real object.  Such approach can improve the working process, it also leads to better learning of employees. Another benefit of using AR glasses is filming all the process on the AR glasses camera, so you can track all failures and error, to fix the process, or send employer to training. Boeing AR assistant could be used for training training by itself, using guiding scenarios with AR navigation objects.

Employer can use Boeing AR assistant to communicate with remote assistant. This means, that remote assistant uses camera of AR glasses to track working process in real time and give prompts. He even can add AR objects in real time to indicate or point to needed object.

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