Lockheed Martin AR assistant

Lockheed Martin AR assistant play


F-35 aircraft assembly time reduction


Specialists working time reduction


Training time reduction

Lockheed Martin AR assistant is an AR solution, helping engineers to execute assembly operations without using paper materials. It works with voice control and it provides function of remote help. The main user scenario is using AR assistant while assembly operations, to follow guide lines and view technological cards. Engineer can execute operations and control functions of AR assistant without using his hands, only using his voice.

AR assistant’s CMS helps to manage the content and build new scenarios for technological operations executions. It also could be used for uploading media and 3D content, so the user can view it while the process. It can help him to find best solution for the problem. Also it can help him to find out how something works.

Lockheed Martin AR assistant provide the function of remote assistance. It can increase consulting specialist’s time efficiency, because he doesn’t need to waste time on moving. He can help multiple engineers in one time, switching between them. Remote specialist can use AR navigating objects to point on the object of interest, also he can view existing media materials to the user. He can also upload new items, using Lockheed Martin AR assistant CRM, when it’s needed.

AR assistant is a great example of AR technology application to the production processes. Here you can find another example of AR application.

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