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AR equipment presentation


AR equipment presentation is a good way to give user ability to interact with your product virtually. You can digitize all items and give user ability to view them in AR mode – it will help him to understand the size, ergonomics, and other characteristics. User can interact with AR objects to get more information about properties, or to select options. The best way to choose electronic equipment is AR equipment presentation – you can view animation of the work process, as well as interaction of such tools with other objects. For example, you can view different configurations of chain saw, or lawn mower, and then view animated work process with selected option.

Another benefit of such approach is ability to combine multiple objects or options of one object. You can compare one with another to choose the best one. AR equipment presentation can give user ability to bring some massive, large sized equipment in the place where he is. He can use it on the expo, or in his production plant, where he can view equipment in AR in the real context. This gives him ability to check does equipment fit the size, as well as to understand better how production line would look like.

Another good benefit of this solution is ability to add it on your existing website with minimum of work. You can just add AR preview for every product card you have.

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