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AR for beverages is a kind of AR for FMCG. It works with bottles and cans, viewing AR content over the container. There are many types of AR content user can watch using this solution. They includes video, photo content, static 3d models, animated 3d models, interactive static and animated 3d models. Moreover, AR content could be an AR game, and even multiplayer AR game. The best way to make content for beverage packaging is to make it context dependent. It means, that all of the objects in 3d scene are situated relatively to package. Animated 3D objects interacting with the package, like they would if they were real. Nice approach is to make physically realistic interactions. For example, snowflakes can soar around a can, and lie down on top after that.

In the AR for beverages case for Miller brand, there is an animated character, appearing near the can. He waves, playing the flute and he is funny. User can film the video with him near the can and share this video in social media. This case is made with Web AR technology, because the regulations in Instagram. It means, that almost anyone who has smartphone with camera and web browser can use it. The most powerful option of this solutions is ability to share user generated content – it boosts awareness and attract attention to the brand in social media.

There are a lot of other options to use AR for beverages with AR app, web AR or AR on social media platforms.

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