AR for product packaging

AR for product packaging play


Sales growth, year to year

40 000+



Return rate day 5

AR for product packaging is a one of a  kind of AR solutions that can improve communication with your customers. The most valuable in this solution is opportunity for the user to use it with a need to install an application. You can just place the QR-code on your products package, which leads to the AR page.

Once your customers gets to the AR page, he can use all AR mechanics you placed there. Among these mechanics could be:

  • Games
  • AR masks
  • AR portals
  • Interactive maps with AR
  • etc.

You even can develop multiplayer activities, games with a leaderboards and other stuff. The best marketing campaign for such AR activity would be to make TV or offline advertising, to bring first wave of users to your AR page. First users will use AR content, make photo and video content, and share it in social media. This will boost awareness and reduce cost of the user on the page.

In this example we showing you AR for product packaging Flying Farm case, where kids can play with an AR content, make funny photos and videos. Sales grew up to 19% in result of implementing this AR case. 40,000 visits on the page overall and 92% of return rate of the day 5 speak by themselves.

The interaction scenario allowed kids to place virtual 3d scene over a product package and run some funny animations. Also, kids could turn on the game with virtual plane, which appeared in this scene. Another activity of this AR for product packaging case was selfie accessories, appearing over the kids face, allowing them to make some funny selfies. Kids also can play other funny mini-games, using the main menu button to select among them.


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