Augmented reality for brushing teeth

Augmented reality for brushing teeth play

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Improvement of teeth brushing



Brush Monster: augmented reality for brushing teeth is an AR project for health.

Augmented reality (AR) has its most value in processes, which helps to improve user experience, make it more deep and immersive. Especially it works well for kids entertainment and education – edutainment processes. Many products for kids manufacturers use this effect to boost engagement for their products. It helps to increase loyalty of audience and stand out from the opponents to make strong connection with their customers. It leads to increased sales and more effective marketing.

Another add value of such activities often is user generated content. It increases awareness, and make strong presence of the brand in social media. AR content motivates users to share it with a friends because of its freshness. Also it engages them in interaction.
The most exciting fact about AR activity for the brand, is a fact that for now it’s still not too late to use it to create an image of the innovative company!

The Internet-connected toothbrush teaches and motivates kids to brush better thanks to augmented reality, and monitors diligence in the process.
A built-in array of sensors allows Brush Monster to track children’s locations and movements. The data is used to teach what to pay attention to when brushing (clean areas are colored white and dirty areas are colored yellow).

Brush Monster: augmented reality for brushing teeth is a good example of how to gamify boring processes and make it easier and more pleasant.


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