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Outdoor AR navigation is an augmented reality solution for outdoor activities. You can use it to navigate users on the streets, in parks, in the zoo, etc.

The best option to use it – when you need to entertain your customers on the route. It can add activity in the places you don’t have any interactive objects, or objects of interest at all. You can view AR objects in empty spaces and even on the way of user. For example, there could be an AR assistant, helping user to navigate in the area, as well as it can entertain him playing some funny games, or just talking to him. User can ask him questions, also he can show some additional content and help user to make photos and videos, to share it in social media.

Outdoor AR navigation for the zoo – is a great opportunity to make your area more interesting and interactive. User can move through it with the help of virtual animal – it even can be some fairytale or extinct animal for example. Moreover, users can play some GPS games with prizes in the area. It will help you to bring your users to infrequently visited areas, as well as to fix inconvenient UX in the zoo with the help of this virtual navigation. Very often users don’t visit them, because of unattractive¬† views, or because their attention ¬†is captured by other places. AR navigation helps to control users attention and guide him to the right place.

In our Zoo AR case you can see an AR assistant – it is a deer from cartoons. He helps user to navigate in the zoo and follows him on his way.


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