AR museum

AR museum play

We already have been speaking about AR gallery, now it’s time to speak about AR museum. It’s the same thing, the only difference is in main UX – it’s designed for 3D space, not for 2D objects. What people ordinary imagine when they think about museum? They think of it as of the place, where multiple old things collected. In 21 century the approach to organization of museum activities changed. Interactive technologies came to change old mechanisms. Now we are moving forward – the process of digitalizing of everything on his way. Phygital approach is a part of this digital paradigm for the art.

So, what is a phygital AR museum? As in case of fully virtual art gallery it also can exist as stand alone virtual place, which you can view in AR in any place of the world. But the most impressive experience user can get from phygital museum, when physical exposition augmented with AR objects and scenes. The range is very wide – from slightly seen AR effects, improving the visual effect of the artwork, to fully empty real room, filled with AR objects, scenes and effects. Artists can design every AR scene separately, using unique interactive mechanics for each.

Artists can use mechanics of AR indoor navigation, 3D objects and space tracking, small location-based entertainment activities and many more. Them mane idea is to give user a unique unforgettable experience with a specific emotional state.

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