AR navigation for airports

AR navigation for airports play

AR navigation for airports is a kind of indoor AR navigation designed specially for airports. It helps users to navigate through the airport area, including parking zones, shopping zones, ticket zones, food courts, etc. User can follow AR navigating elements to get  to the final destination point. Also, users can get additional information about shopping zones and products in shopping zones, as well as information about flights, registration points and boarding gates.

AR navigation for airports solution can build the route for the user based on his flight information and registration data. Just imaging – you no longer have to walk around the hall looking for the front desk, or where your boarding gates are situated. Now all you need to do is enable an AR mode, choose destination point and tap the “route” button. Moreover, you can use voice commands to ask virtual assistant for help. When AR mode is enabled you can look for additional options while following the route. For example – stop at duty free on the way.

Another amazing opportunity for the user is to live spatial tags and digital object for friends, to mark interesting and specific places. Using 3D space to communicate with the user is a great idea. It is very natural for him to interact with 3d objects and interfaces, like with objects in real world. Using AR navigation for airport will improve users experience, help them to save time and reduce risks.

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