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Indoor AR navigation example


Indoor AR navigation

Indoor AR navigation is very useful in the production areas, large public areas, airports, railway stations etc. It reduces average estimated time to destination point by 32%. It also can optimize the route, including multiple destination points and areas of interaction. AR navigating objects has very natural view for the user, so the user experience is very comfortable. Also, interactive AR objects can be used to make some integrations with existing  shopping services etc. Using interactive AR objects also helps to boost engagement. It leads to more user interactions and increases sales in shopping areas. Another great option of indoor AR navigation is using virtual assistant. It’s a virtual character, who helps user answering his questions and entertains him in multiple ways, such as AR quests and quiz.

Using an indoor AR navigation is also a great option to collect more user data. You even can collect spatial data of user’s movement and interaction. It can help you to improve UX of your areas and make it more effective. You also can use this data to suggest users services and products based on their interests and history of their movement and interaction . Indoor AR navigation is a first step to complete digital wold-based layer, which is a base for consumer layer of the metaverse. You build this areas of digital layer, so they could be used in future for extending them and connecting with each other.

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