AR for Appliance

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AR for appliance is a kind of try-on AR solutions for products. In case of appliance it is a good benefit for user to have opportunity to try on appliance to check size and color compatibility with interior. For brand also it is a way to get more information about users decisions inside the funnel. You can get more information from user sessions with AR try-on, such as time of interaction, depth of interaction, etc. Also, you can give user ability to compare different products in AR mode, using AR try on for multiple objects in one time. AR for appliance also gives brand ability to make more deep customer development and product development, based on user’s sessions data.

How the benefits of virtual try on works? First of all, they attract user attention with high quality preview. After that the user engaging into interaction with interactive object, which leads to time of interaction growth. While user interacting with an object, he can be activated by call-to-action events – for example ui component appears calling to buy an object. After that user goes to shopping cart.

AR for appliance works better than simple product image/video presentation, because it could be viewed in the real users interior. The view of new appliance in your apartment builds emotional connection between you and product, as well as between you and brand. This leads to trust level growth and loyalty level growth. So, the conversion to purchase is growing up too.

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