Marketing AR presentation

Marketing AR presentation play

Marketing AR presentation is a kind of AR solutions for marketing. Your brand can use it to view benefits of your product in immersive and interactive way. Benefits of such approach are very simple – just remember common video advertisement of the product. You just watch the video explaining and showing benefits of the products – you can’t choose point of view, you can’t interact. Now imaging you can interact with AR product like with a real one.

In marketing AR presentation you can play animations of how it works, including different animations for different modes and options. In such interactive way you can understand better benefits. Moreover you can select only benefits you want to know more about. Such level of immersion builds strong emotional connection between user and product, like the user already own it since the moment he view it in AR in his apartment.

Another cool option of marketing AR presentation is to make user manuals with AR mode. User don’t need to read paper manuals, looking for option or error you need. He don’t need anymore try to understand how all this works. Now he can view all manuals in very natural way, just like someone who knows how all works showing you with the real product. You can just select a part you have problems with, and find problem in the list.

This solution is very the same as AR equipment presentation, you can read here about another example.

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