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AR booth for event


AR booth for event is very powerful solution, which will boost awareness and engagement of your event’s audience. You can give your users and customers the opportunity to try on any role simply by seeing their reflection in a certain image. For example, you can dress them in firefighters dress, or in dress of a surgeon. They will see how they look in this image, and this will help them to get the idea of the profession better. Such interaction can build connection between the user and profession, or company. This is a way to find loyal employees when they don’t even know about your company .

Also, AR booth for event is a good way to boost awareness with a tool of content sharing. Users can take a photo or video of himself in some image and share this content with his friends. Moreover, he can set up settings of the image he wants to try, and settings of sharing. The best way to combine this solution with your marketing campaign, is to use outdoor and TV advertising first to boost awareness, and make a competition between users shared the content with hashtags, based on activity on their posts.

You can use this content and user data to run re-marketing campaign after the event. The ctr will be much higher if you use pictures created by users (you just need to be sure that the user has given you permission to use this content).

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