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World-scale AR is a type of AR solutions, developed to use it almost in any place in the world. Technically it can be based on different technologies, like GPS positioning, or spatial tracking technology. The best-known example of the world-scale AR solutions is a Pokemon GO game. It’s based on GPS positioning, so user can “find” Pokemons in almost any place in the world. The basic game mechanic is very simple – user uses interactive 3d map to find where Pokemons are placed. This map is connected with players device coordinates, so he can see his movement on this map. When the player is close to the Pokemon he can view it in AR mode. When in AR, user can “catch” the pokemon using special game mechanic of pokeball.

Another way Niantic (Pokemon Go developer) uses world-scale AR is their Lightship SDK. It gives to developers ability to use nearby real-world surroundingĀ  to generate AR objects over it automatically. Another technology Niantic develop after they bought the largest Web AR platform 8thWall is Niantic VPS. It helps to scan the space and turn it into the AR spatial cloud marker. It can be used for placing AR objects attached to specific place.

World-scale AR is a base for future metaverse development. Already in a near feature (2-5 years) it will be used for making of the digital layer connected to real-world locations. Users will view it and interact with it with the help of mixed reality glasses, voice commands and gestures.

Here you can look at the examples of world-scale AR, developed by our company. Here you can look at our project that took a part in Niantic Lightship SDK contest and took the “runner-ups”.

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