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Philip Morris Sales&Marketing contacted LikeXR with a request to create a marketing activity using immersive technologies to present new flavors of IQOS HEETS Creations.

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21 days

AR portals for IQOS (Philip Morris)
The LikeXR team proposed and implemented the concept of “portals” in the augmented reality 
format. AR portals allow you to take a step into another dimension. The user can feel the 
atmosphere that inspired the creators of new tastes of the product. After passing through the 
portal using an augmented reality application, the user finds himself “inside” a 360 video. 
They are filmed in various parts of the world and convey the atmosphere of the corresponding 
taste. Also, we have developed an application where the creators of new flavors talk about 
their products in augmented reality.

When you point your smartphone camera at a cube with images of products, a video is launched 
on the device screen, in which Juan Amador or Rene Soffner talk about what inspired them to 
create new IQOS HEETS Creations Marketing activity using augmented reality was planned to 
be used in 22 largest IQOS sales points. 

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