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5 hours

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Client Request: Create an AR Activity for a McDonalds Major Corporate Event

Work completion time

28 days

AR quest for McDonald's

The customer's requirements included: innovativeness, wow effect and involvement of a large 
number of guests. Also, the activity was supposed to cover the social project of McDonald's - 
Ronald McDonald's House. The LikeXR team has developed an augmented reality quest consisting 
of 15 tasks. To maintain a competitive spirit, we created a leaderboard based on the points 
scored for each completed quest task. The scenario of the game assumes that the players use 
their own smartphones and tablets.
When entering the event, players are invited to scan a QR code that opens a WEB application 
based on the 8thwall platform in the smartphone browser.The scenario involves completing the 
quest tasks at each of the stands of McDonald's suppliers. Thus, by the end of the game, 
the participant visits and interacts with each of them. Points for each completed task are 
displayed on a common screen with a summary table of players. Quest tasks included various 
interactive activities in augmented reality. For example, the Game - Fifteen, Catch the 
Potato, Quiz, Hide and Seek, Take a Selfie, etc.
One of the stages of the quest is a tour of the Ronald McDonald House family hotel, 
which is under construction. The format is an interactive 360 ​​tour. This project implemented the 
possibility of buying furniture, appliances, interior items, toys, stationery, books. Those
who wished could walk around the premises, choose furniture, interior items and immediately 
buy them. In this way, it was possible to attract more than 3 million rubles of charitable 

* More than 2,000 people took part in the AR quest at the same time.
* More than 1000 players posted video/photo materials on social networks.
* More than $60 000 of charitable donations have been collected.

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