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How much does AR cost


How much does AR cost

How much does AR cost depends of:


Preparatory work

includes the creation of the concept and terms of reference, work on the analysis of the problem and the selection of a solution for this problem. For the implementation of all stages different specialists are involved: in implementation, business analytics, creative solutions.

Production part

Consists of two big areas – content and functionality. The production scenario depends on the chosen approach and implementation format.

An AR application can be implemented as an application for an Android, iOS or Windows-based smartphone, as well as a web page or PC application.

Mobile or PC applications are usually developed using Unity and Unreal Engine. Web applications are usually developed using Web GL, Open CV or Framework (e.g. Apol).

How much does AR cost can depend of how many integrations you need:

The final stage

include launching and maintaining the app. This includes publishing the app to the Google Play Market and AppStore and all work related to service support: keeping the app running, updating the code of the app itself and related services.

The work in all areas is made up of the amount of man-hours required to implement the necessary functionality, as well as:

How much does AR cost:

Timeline for augmented reality application development:


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