LikeXR – best in augmented reality. European technology award

LikeXR best in augmented reality

For almost a decade, LikeXR has been leading the charge in the development of cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, setting unprecedented benchmarks in the industry. Boasting a track record of over 300 successfully executed projects and a diverse client base exceeding 200 companies, LikeXR has emerged as a trusted authority in the realm of Extended Reality (XR). Headquartered in Lisbon, the company has solidified its global presence, maintaining strategically located offices in San Diego, Brussels, and Jakarta.

Established in 2014, LikeXR has nurtured a dedicated team of more than 40 professionals committed to delivering holistic XR solutions. The core suite of services provided by LikeXR encompasses AR/VR consulting and development, WebAR development, Metaverse platform development, and mobile app development. The company excels in managing projects with stringent timelines, ensuring the efficient and punctual delivery of results.

At the heart of LikeXR’s success is its expansive portfolio, showcasing a diverse array of innovative products, including VR Simulators, immersive training solutions, WebAR-based product advertising, and bespoke Metaverse platforms tailored to the unique requirements of clients. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, the LikeXR team consistently pioneers cutting-edge XR experiences.

The overarching mission of LikeXR is unmistakable: to revolutionize the widespread adoption, application, research, and understanding of XR, ushering in a more technologically advanced future.

Functioning as a comprehensive Metaverse agency, LikeXR offers an extensive range of services. The company actively aids startups in the inception of XR and Web3 products, guiding them through the early stages from proof of concept to prototype and MVP development. For established businesses, LikeXR provides invaluable support in implementing AR/VR/MR functionalities and assists in the creation of new ventures rooted in Metaverse technologies. The company’s expertise extends to Metaverse services, encompassing the acquisition and management of digital assets, the development of virtual spaces, and the orchestration of virtual events.

The dynamic team at LikeXR comprises individuals who share a profound fascination for iconic films like The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, and The Lawnmower Man. Firm believers in the transformative potential of virtual and augmented reality, they envision these technologies as gateways to new horizons and opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. Armed with a portfolio featuring more than 300 projects and a wealth of experience accumulated over the years, the LikeXR team possesses the expertise required to tackle real-world challenges using the transformative capabilities of VR and AR technologies.


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