LikeXR partnered with the Oculus ISV program

Creative agency of XR solutions development LikeXR  became a member of Oculus ISV Program.

What is Oculus ISV Program?

It is a program for independent software vendors. Oculus was created as a part of developing the area of effective VR solutions for business.

Who is included in this program?

The program is designed for qualified developers with experience in developing and deploying commercial VR solutions, who have developed at least one pilot project or conducted one deployment for one of the Fortune 2000 companies specializing in VR-training, simulation, data visualization or remote collaboration solutions.

As a part of LikeVR program we got an opportunity to collaborate with Oculus experts and get information about new tools for VR-developers, new strategies of entering different markets, new Oculus products.

Also we are glad to be a part of Oculus ISV Program community and get an opportunity to share our experience with our colleagues from all over the world.

We thank Oculus for trust, opportunities and look forward to our cooperation!

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