Mixed reality

Mixed reality is a kind of immersive technologies, based on using computer vision to recognize and track objects and features on the image. Basic benefits of mixed reality is a high quality immersive experience, giving user ability to unity physical and digital world. Augmenting reality with AR objects mixed reality gives the user ability to interact with the reality in more effective way. This digital layer is a new space for users activity. Multiple marketing mechanics developed for this new form of interaction, and many more on their way. There are a lot of examples of effective use of this digital layer, such as Pokemon Go, Google maps AR mode, MR solutions for medical, design and military purposes.

The great advantage of this immersive digital world is resources usage efficiency. Users can get valuable experience with a very low costs per action. Digital twins paradigm gives user ability to use real-world’s-clone simulations, where he can train his skills. Moreover, this world can be strengthened with the power of AI solutions, to give user ability to interact with the reliable outcomes from real-worlds data. This means, that user can take part in any world’s process simulation, based on accurate predictions and computations, to get usable in reality experience.

MR now based on a specific devices, such as Magic Leap and MS Holo Lens, but hey will be changed with regular-formed MR glasses in a very short period of time.

Mixed reality based on AR technologies.

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