The advantage of VR presentation

The advantage of VR presentation starts with ability to simulate circumstances and fill a scene with effects that are not available in reality. For example, because of the danger to life, high cost, or other reasons.

You can add game or near-game interactivity. For example, create the environment of the scene to tour through. Due to the mechanics of complete immersion, the user will experience the desired emotions and in this state will view the content. As a benefits of VR presentation, the user will remember the information better, and the emotional experience will make it stand out among the similar ones.

Due to the fact that virtual reality is very similar to the usual one, it will be immediately clear to the user how to interact with those or other objects within this environment.

For example, it is possible to arrange a virtual tour of the factory: a person will be able to interact with any objects (twist, turn, press, take) and get acquainted with the environment. It is possible to make a factory both in statics and in dynamics. It is possible to show all the processes that take place in the production. Thanks to this, the user will be able to immerse himself in the subject of the business, evaluate the approach and draw conclusions about the quality of the product. Thus, he will have more confidence in the company. This, in turn, will affect his ability, ability and desire to purchase the products offered, which is the advantage of VR presentation

You can also add some “unrealistic” actions, expanding the user’s capabilities.

If you sell equipment configurations and the user is a potential buyer, you can create a configurator for the plant. You can configure several formats of production lines: change the equipment and its individual parts (attachments on machines, etc.). In this way the user will have the possibility to choose the settings that meet his needs.

Because of the nativeness, he can easily do it, and it won’t take much time for the specialist at the booth. At the same time you will get an understanding of what exactly this potential customer needs. The specialist of the company can get this data in the form of logs (service records in CSV, XML, etc.), they can also be supplemented with the necessary personal information, and then use this data to communicate with the user.

The advantage of VR presentation couldn’t be described in short text, if you want to learn more – contact us!

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