VR for sport

VR for sport play

50 000+

The number of training scenarios


The number of sports organizations working in VR

VR for sport application makes any kind of sport affordable and accessible for almost any user, having VR headset. The most important benefits of such solution are:

  • Ability to train autonomously and effectively
  • Users can use pre-created training scenarios
  • They can train with a trainer remotely
  • Also they can track their progress deeply

VR for sport solution can unite the VR app and social platform, to connect trainers in different sports with users. Such approach helps trainers to monetize their expertise, as well as it helps users to get trainings remotely. Users can also train using multiplayer, so they could train together with their friends from different places remotely. This means, that such platform could be used not only for training, but for competitions as well. Platform can be equipped with options of streaming user sessions to the internet, as well as streaming virtual sport events.

VR for sport is a very large field of opportunities for cyber sport and users who wants to be online and earn remotely. Also, it is a good way to get sport statistics and data for analytics. Just imagine – no more wasting time on the way to the gym. Shy people also now can not be afraid of shaming when they visiting gym – they don’t even need to show themselves to other people during the training.

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