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VR language training is a solution designed to help people to learn languages. Users can select any environment of 3D scene, to use it as a platform for training. You can switch the number of virtual characters (bots) in virtual room. This bots help user to feel the same filling, as he fill on public.

There are couple of ways to run these trainings. First one is a training with a real teacher, who uses VR and interacts with you with the help of his avatar. Another way is using scripted virtual character, who can execute multiple scenarios, or even can be equipped with an AI.

Solution can be equipped with a feature, designed to track mistakes and give feedback to the user. This feature is quite like the function in karaoke, but works with a higher precision. Another helpful option of this solution is an ability to use 3D objects and assets library, text and video demonstration widget, to help students remember better and faster. Using automated scenarios simulating different situations also helps to understand language rules and remember better.

Teacher can also teach multiple students at one time, and students can interact with each other during the session. The main approach of VR language training is to give users natural language-learning experience, improved with the help of immersion and visualizing tools.

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