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VR trainer for pilots


VR trainer for pilots is a VR solution designed to automate pilots training. The best benefits of such solution are:

Using a VR trainer for pilots results in lower training costs as well as more training at a time. Existing cockpits for pilot training are very massive and very expensive. A VR simulator allows you to train more pilots in a distributed way – these simulators can be delivered to almost any location, even small towns, and it won’t cost as much.

Another difference between VR simulators and training booths is the lack of physical buttons and toggle switches in VR. In some ways, this is a big disadvantage of such solutions, since there is no physical feedback. This means that skills training in VR will not provide quite the same experience as training in a physical cubicle. But VR trainer for pilots is not a substitute for training in a real cockpit – it’s a supplement.This can help reorganize the training program, freeing up time for physical simulator sessions so that more pilots can train at a lower cost.

Universities and even schools can use VR trainer for pilots. This will give students and schoolchildren the opportunity to gain flight experience in the earliest stages of training.

Another example of VR training solution for sport.



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