Soft skills VR for retail

Soft skills VR for retail play


This is how training increases employee confidence and improves test scores

Soft skills VR for retail is a solution for training employees in communication skills. The best way to improve communication skills is to increase an employee’s EQ. The VR trainer gives the user the opportunity to participate in different situations where they can practice a variety of skills.

Soft skills VR for retail can operate in different modes – training mode, practice mode, and exam mode. In training mode, the user gets some information about the subject in the form of hints. He can also interact with the scene, objects and characters in it to get even more information. In learning mode, the user performs some tasks to get results. The VR simulator system gives him feedback – whether he’s doing well or not – while he’s doing it. In exam mode, the user goes through all the tasks and questions and at the end gets the final result – the number of points or a resolution – whether he passed or failed the exam.

Soft skills VR for retail is based on the task of communicating with other real people in VR or communicating with bots. People can use VR and communicate in it remotely, which is a big advantage of this solution. Bots are equipped with artificial intelligence, so they can communicate with the user as a dialog system or even by converting text to voice. The user has many options. He can participate in a conversation with an annoyed customer or in a firing or hiring situation.

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