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Percentage of surgeons successfully executed operations in real situation after only VR training, while no surgeons after traditional training finished successfully

Fundamental Surgery VR simulator aims to provide medical professionals with a realistic and engaging training experience. The VR simulator allows users to perform surgical procedures in a safe and controlled environment, allowing them to gain valuable experience and improve their skills.

One of the key features of Fundamental Surgery is its realism. The VR environment is designed to closely mimic the experience of performing surgery in a real operating room. This means that users can expect to encounter the same challenges and obstacles that they would in a real surgical setting, such as dealing with bleeding and managing instruments.

Additionally, the Fundamental Surgery VR simulator offers a wide range of surgical procedures to choose from, including general surgery, neurosurgery, and cardiology. This means that users can select the procedures that are most relevant to their training needs and focus on improving their skills in those areas.

Another benefit of the Fundamental Surgery VR simulator is that it allows users to practice their skills without the need for expensive equipment or live animals. This means that medical professionals can gain experience and improve their skills without incurring the costs associated with traditional surgical training.

One of the key challenges of traditional surgical training is that it can be difficult to provide trainees with the level of realism and engagement that is needed to effectively improve their skills. The Fundamental Surgery VR simulator addresses this challenge by providing a highly immersive and engaging training experience.

Overall, the Fundamental Surgery simulator is a valuable tool for medical professionals who are looking to improve their surgical skills. With its realistic environment and wide range of surgical procedures to choose from, the VR simulator provides an engaging and effective training experience that can help users to improve their skills and prepare for real-world surgical situations.

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