“Silent Hill” VR Quest

“Silent Hill” VR Quest play

65 min.

The time of gameplay


Players number maximum


Game sessions per month

A task

Develop a VR quest thriller for the quest room

Work completion time

60 days

We have developed a virtual reality quest “Silent Hill” for a company that has been dealing 
with quests in reality for more than 7 years.
Excellent LBE (location based entertainment) based on the Silent Hill computer game. 
Content and plot adapted to the format of the quest.
The format is specifically quest, because the gameplay lasts 40 minutes, and also:
1. contains more than 40 game mechanics
2. 8 basic game scenes
3. a large number of game characters
4. sound range
6. mechanics of quest riddles.
Quest in virtual reality “Silent Hill” works in multiplayer mode for up to 8 people and 
voice chat works in it.

The advantages that VR quests have:
- mobility (the site can be rolled up and deployed again in another place just in 3 hours)
- you can run different quests on the same equipment
- high quality emotional experience
- the ability to improve and refine scripts and mechanics based on user behavior analytics.

Used equipment:

– HTC Vive virtual reality helmets
– VR Ready PC


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