CINZANO VR presentation

CINZANO VR presentation play


User at the exhibition


Unique bottle settings

3:20 mon.

Average session time

A task

Request: To create a virtual product museum for the 260th anniversary of Cinzano.

Work completion time

21 days

LikeXR offered to solve this task by creating a VR application.

We came up with a concept and interactive mechanics that allow you to immerse yourself in 
the atmosphere of each era in the history of Cinzano.
Together with the customer, we discussed a large number of creative ideas for visualizing 
user interaction with the brand. We settled on the concept of interactive stands, with a 
unique atmosphere. The unique atmosphere was created with the help of specially selected music,
effects, and posters.
At the end of the virtual hall, the user finds himself next to black boxes surrounded by 
screens on which the videos of the new advertising company are playing. When opening the 
boxes, the user sees new bottles of Cinzano, and literally "flies" into space. This is how the 
concept of Cinzano birthday VR museum was born.

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