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A task

Компания Электронный город обратилась к нам за созданием презентации своих услуг в формате виртуальной реальности.

Work completion time

35 days

We proposed to create a Smart home VR application.

This is an application in which we have reflected all the main services of the company:
1. "Smart home" systems
2. Television
3. Security systems
We have created 7 gamified scenarios and 28 mechanics with which the user can interact 
with objects.
In the application, the user can communicate with the robot ambassador of the company. Also, 
the user can catch a thief, ride a bobsleigh, see dinosaurs and much more.

Thanks to bright and high-quality graphics, we have achieved a deep immersion of users into 
the atmosphere, which, together with physical mechanics, gives them a vivid emotional 

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