Star Wars. VR bar Mos Eisley

Star Wars. VR bar Mos Eisley play


Exhibition users

3 min.

Average session time reduction


Interactive game characters

A task

We were approached by an agency that was launching a Disney booth for Battlefront II at Comiccon. We were given the task of creating a unique Star Wars-themed VR game - that's how the Star Wars app was born. VR bar Mos Eisley

Work completion time

10 days

The LikeXR team developed the Star Wars VR game. VR bar Mos Eisley with a first-person view. 
In the game, we have recreated the Mos Eisley bar from the fourth part of the Star Wars saga. 
In the bar, the player can watch animated characters, interact with them, use "power" to move 
objects remotely. The game is implemented on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine .

-Scenario development.
-Work plan approval
-Collection of materials and references
-Drawing a sketch
-Interior rendering
-Creation of materials
-Purpose of materials
-Menu scripting
-Compiling the Application
-Testing and Debugging
-Product launch


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