“Tales of the brothers Grimm”

“Tales of the brothers Grimm” play

65 min.

The time of gameplay


Players number maximum


Game sessions per month

A task

To develop a VR quest for 8 people coop gaming, with unique scenario

Work completion time

60 days

A company that owns several quests in reality has decided to launch quests in virtual reality. 
For this, they turned to us in order to get a ready-made concept from us, and subsequent 
turnkey development. The essence of the request was that it was necessary to develop a 
children's quest in virtual reality, for 4 people, for use in a room of 20 m2.
The advantages that VR quests have:
- mobility (the site can be rolled up and deployed again in another place just in 3 hours)
- you can run different quests on the same equipment
- high quality emotional experience
- the ability to improve and refine scripts and mechanics based on user behavior analytics.

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