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Request for the development of augmented reality for packaging products of the brands Dirol, Oreo, Tuc, AlpenGold, Halls (Mondelēz)

Work completion time

60 days

LikeVR’s project for Mondelez introduces augmented reality on the packages of Oreo, Alpen Gold, Tuc, Dirol, and Halls.

Augmented reality is activated when the camera of a device is pointed at the QR-code on a product’s package.

In augmented reality mode, the user sees realistic animated 3D copies of Russia’s national football  players. You can place them on a flat surface, take a photo or selfie and share it with your friends. AR mode works on the web, so that user doesn’t have to download the app.


The project’s goal was to create additional digital touchpoint, new digital experience that enriches the relationship between consumer and brand, word of mouth effect,  ensure customer loyalty, increase dwell time and add value to the shopper experience.

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