Marketing AR presentation for automotive

Marketing AR presentation for automotive play


Потребителей готовы платить за продукт, совместимый с дополненной реальностью.


Sales growth

Marketing AR presentation for automotive is an AR product for promotion. It helps to show the product to the user in a stand alone mode, giving him ability to interact with it. The most powerful option of AR presentation – is ability to view the product (the vehicle for example) in real environment, in real size. It helps user to get the experience of interaction with the product, even without a product by itself. You can need such option when product transportation is expansive and connected with risks of damaging the product. Also, you can view to the user a vehicle, which is doesn’t exists yet.

Such approach helps to build relations between the user and the brand, and also give a brand ability to work with a product on a very early stages with a high performance. Marketing AR presentation for automotive gives a brand ability to do customer development, as well as to develop the product, based on customer development data. Moreover, using AR presentation gives ability to scale marketing experiences without scaling a costs – you doesn’t need to build 10 prototypes to view them on 10 exhibitions at one time. Developing marketing AR presentation for automotive you can use it in online mode to view the product to 10kk user at one time!

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