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Mixed reality for automotive has huge amount of benefits. There are several directions, where it’s very useful. One of them is repair service. A large number of operations during repair works leads to a high level of failures. Most of them connected with the wrong actions of engineers. So operational cards automation saves the situation, but there were a lot of inconvenience using paper manuals or even mobile apps, until the last time. Now engineer can wear mixed reality glasses and use operational cards in mixed reality mode. It helps him not to destruct from the main process and focus his attention on it. Moreover, MR  can help not only with the prompts. It even can view how exactly operation should be executed, right on the vehicle in work.

Another great benefit is option of remote assistant. A lot of problems and breakages a very specific. There are few specialists experienced in solving and repairing it. So, when you have one on the line – it’s a huge benefit, and a guarantee of good result. But often it’s not enough to listen about the problem, you should to see it, as well as it’s not enough to tell the solution – you should show it. Mixed reality for automotive solution is exactly what will help you to make this option come true.

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