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38 s.

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AR catalog for cosmetics is a kind of AR solutions for retail. It helps user to try on the product (cosmetics in this case), to make a decision about purchasing it. In case of cosmetics, AR catalog can be implemented in products shopping cards pages, integrated in existing application, or developed as stand alone application.

The form depends of side tasks of the solution. For the best marketing campaign execution we recommend develop it in web, to boost conversion to try on. User doesn’t need to download the application, so he can get to the AR page quickly.

If you want to build stand alone application for long term use, you should add additional functions to the application, to boost user’s motivation, to attract user’s attention. AR catalog for cosmetics works just like most of AR make up masks in Instagram. Each filter is adjusted according to the actual result of using a particular cosmetics product.

AR catalog for cosmetics can boost your online sales by 48%, and reduce return rate by 18%. Also it increases users loyalty through boosting of time of interaction and engagement. You can use your users sessions data for retargeting and look-a-like. If you use AR catalogĀ  as an AR application, you also can use it for long term purpose. You can build loyalty of your users with permanent communication through push notifications, as well as with the help of in-app reward program.

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