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AR catalog for furniture – is a kind of AR for presentation solutions. It is a very effective way to decrease the number of returns for furniture marketplace. Besides, it can help to boost conversion to purchase by 6-8%. The best thing about such type of solutions – you develop it once, you can use it very long period of time, just improving it. This is the next step for e-commerce – virtual try-on. Now you can try how this dresser will look in your room. You can check not only the aesthetics, but size parameters also. AR catalog for furniture gives you ability to make virtual try-on with 98% accuracy – you can check it with a ruler. There are types of AR catalogs, where you can try multiple objects in one time . You can come in an empty room, and try all the interior fully virtual.

AR catalog for furniture gives you ability to select colors, materials, options for pieces you trying. After you try it in you living room – you will know exactly – does it fit it or not. And if yes – you won’t return it back after you’ll get it!

The best known example of AR catalogue for furniture is Ikea place app of corse. It works just as described before – you select an object in catalog, you scanning the floor, you place it and customize it. You can film a video after you place an AR object to share with your family. To complete catalog with new units you can use CMS – just upload models in USDZ or GLTF format and make new cards in catalog – you even don’t need to rerelease it in the app store!


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