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Настолько процентов чаще отправляли продукт в корзину пользователи, посмотревшие AR-версию продукта


Настолько процентов чаще оформляли заказ пользователи, посмотревшие AR-версию продукта


Настолько чаще пользователи совершали покупки

AR for e-commerce solutions can offer business different options. One of them – catalog with the function of AR try on. User can select items in catalog to view them in the real environment with the help of AR mode. Such approach helps user to understand better aesthetic parameters of the product, as well as real size. It helps also to get the idea of how product looks in specific interior. Moreover, user can select multiple items, to combine them, and also combine them with real interior objects, to choose better option. Another opportunity you can get with AR for e-commerce is a WebAR virtual try on page. In this case user don’t need to download any application, just need to go by the link or QR code on the AR page, to view the product. Such solution is an extended version of the rich content page, which helps user to get product’s view. Why you may need an AR for e-commerce solution? One of the best benefits of such solutions is decreasing of the number of returns – return rate. Another one – boost of the conversion to purchase. Moreover, you can use user session information to improve your internet marketing – collect data for your look-alike marketing campaign, as well as using this data for targeting the advertises.

AR for e-commerce is the best for use in major appliances, interior pieces, industrial equipment. It also might be used for interior design in real time.

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