10 ways augmented reality can help retailers

Today we speak about 10 ways augmented reality can help retailers: new technologies today are having a significant impact on how brands and retailers interact with customers.

The proliferation of smartphones and changing shopping habits are affecting the way people shop online and make purchasing decisions.

Augmented reality is becoming a tool for brands to interact with customers through their mobile devices. Augmented reality creates a new digital experience that enriches and deepens the customer-brand relationship and can be activated anywhere, on a computer at home, through a mobile device or kiosks in offline stores.

Retailers have traditionally used printed promotional materials to promote products.

Augmented reality combines communication channels such as print ads, in-store communication into a complete shopping experience

Integrating augmented reality into marketing promotion builds relationships with the customer, increasing sales and adding value to the shopping experience.


1) Increase conversions and reduce returns for clothing stores:

Virtual dressing room

2) Navigating the store.

Augmented reality helps improve store navigation.

3) Combines the traditional shopping experience and online.

1,000 Yihaodian & O&M stores were opened overnight in augmented reality. Shoppers shop as in a regular store, but without having to stand in lines.

4) Increases brand awareness.

Gamification of a physical product with augmented reality helps the customer interact with the product and is an incentive to make a quick purchase.

5) Expands the possibilities of advertising campaigns.
Brands can incorporate AR experiences into advertising that will lead to additional web content, videos and coupons.
6) Allows customers to view a 3D copy of a product in space before buying.

For example, in a Lego store, you can use augmented reality to place the product in space, interact with it, and try it on. This lowers barriers to purchase.

7) Shows additional information about the product, enriching the shopping experience.

With augmented reality, the customer can be shown everything from the composition of the product to the recipe book and coupons for use at the cash register.

8) Helps you find discounts nearby.

Augmented reality functionality helps shoppers find and take advantage of great deals from merchants

9) Visualizes product catalogs.

Products from the catalog in augmented reality can be placed in space, in your home, by trying them on life-size. Reduces barriers to purchase.

10) Entices the customer to come into the store.

Augmented reality in store windows entertains customers and encourages them to come into the store to shop.  

Augmented reality is relatively new to retail, but despite this, we have seen an increase in the number of campaigns using the technology in recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic, with the widespread closure of offline retail outlets and the shift of customer demand online, has had a particular impact on the spread of the technology in retail.

Retail is a good area to test the application of augmented reality technology, because the results of campaigns are visible in measurable terms, as is the live customer response and viral spread due to the novelty and wow effect.

The examples of 10 ways augmented reality can help retailers speaks for themselves. We look forward to more augmented reality campaigns and believe that this technology will become an indispensable tool to market products.

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