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AR exhibition is a kind of an art exposition, when artists uses AR tools to create or augment their artworks, AR exhibition format can be different from existing offline art formats. AR exhibition could consists of fully virtual or offline-attached artworks. For example, artist can build virtual AR gallery and give the user ability to view it everywhere. Another way – is to attach digital parts of artwork to its physical base. Its called “phygital”, when artists combine real-world objects and digital art.

In this article we would like to talk more about such “phygital” AR exhibitions. The user scenario can be different, but let’s look at the very simple execution of this approach. So, in basic we have existing art gallery with existing artworks – paintings, photos etc. User enters it and point his device’s camera on the painting, which has a QR code. This QR code is a link, which follows the user to a webpage, where he can use augmented reality. The painting by itself is an AR marker, so when camera see it – AR effects and objects appears over it. AR by itself can be different – it can be just a video, or animated 3d scene, which expands the story of the artwork. This AR object also can be interactive and gamified, so it is a very good way to engage the user.

Such approach will work for museums and other public spaces with physical artworks – sculptures, expositions etc.

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