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AR for the art solutions gives ability to expand art experience out of the boarders of art pieces. This type of art called phygital, because of it’s consists of physical and digital parts. Digital objects and effects gives artists and creators ability to build art pieces based on augmentation of reality. Such approach helps to boost an immersion. Immersion builds strong emotional¬† connection between user and a source of experience.

The more immersive is experience, the more realistic it is. This means, that the level of experience higher and the level of emotions intensity higher too. AR for the art makes possible art experiences of a whole new level, moreover, artists can immerse users inside their artwork and make them “live” in it. Such experiences could be interactive, animated, with high quality effects – just imagine that you can place your user inside a movie or a game, and make this as an art experience. Another valuable feature is ability to make live whole¬† locations with the help of AR technology.

AR for the art can also help to boost not only engagement, but awareness as well. Users can get access to the phygital artworks by the browser. User just need to scan QR code, and then use AR with printed images or placing it in front of him on the floor, or even using GPS coordinates to view it.

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