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Percentage of customers rated exposition as "good" and "very good" because of AR


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Percentage of visitors took ipad in there hands

AR for art exhibition is a kind of AR solutions for art. There are a lot of ways to implement AR in your art gallery. One of them – is AR guide, including AR assistant, AR navigation, audio guide and AR prompts. Clicking by the link you can get all the details about this solutions, here we will describe them briefly.

So, AR assistant is a virtual interactive character, who helps user to interact with AR interfaces and objects, who guiding him and entertaining him. AR assistant could be personalized, it can be equipped with  conversational AI, so he can communicate with user naturally. Also, his personality could be customized for the user, which is very helpful for building a high-quality communication. AR navigation in AR for art exhibition is an automated system of appearing AR navigation objects, prompts and route building function, which can be controlled by voice. Very often AR assistant and AR navigation works together, so user can build the route and follow him, interacting with AR assistant on his way.

Everybody know or at least can simply imaging what audio guide is, so we won’t speak about it a lot. Audio guide is an automated system. It switch different audio tracks when it’s needed, controlled manually or automatically corresponding with users position or selected object. So, the last module in AR for art exhibition is AR prompts. Actually, it could be not only prompts, but any kind of AR objects attached to real object. Artists can even create their art pieces based on experience with AR objects and effects from the very start.

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