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AR for museums is a great technology to boost the value of art user experience. Solution may include multiple functions modules for different purposes. One of them is AR guide, which helps the user to navigate through the area of museum. The guide could have few functions, such as viewing the notes, media and 3d objects attached to some art piece. 3D objects can complete the look of the sculptures, adding the surrounding and animations to make all the scene to live. Another function is audio guide, telling a stories about art pieces and artists. This audio guide starts playing corresponding audio file when user scans QR-code or even art piece itself.

AR for museums deepens user experience, turning art pieces viewing in art performance. So the user gets not 3d-static experience, but 4-d or even 5-d dynamic experience with a high immersion. It’s not only improving the user experience, it rebuilds it and takes it to a whole new level. Actually, with the advent of AR technology AR-only museums and performances start appearing. AR-only means it doesn’t even need a material base. The user can come in an empty room, for example filled with QR-codes or abstract 3d sculptures, and enliven it. You can place the user in a fully virtual digital world. Artists are no longer limited by the real world, physical laws and material properties – they can create completely unimaginable things.

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