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Locations AR presentation is a best way to show the user all options and benefits of any location. UX is very simple – user place AR location over the layout or just in front of him on the floor. The best benefit of such approach – you can view remotely in 3d the model of your location, and give your user ability to interact with it. This allows user to view different parts and objects of the location in different scale, as well as to get the information about any object in it. Also, user can view different processes in the location, in animated mode. You can show your user all benefits of every part, to give you ability to chose what they like more. Moreover, you can give them this ability even before the location exists by itself.

You can design multiple variants of the location and give your users ability to decide how real location would look like. The best way to show existing location is to scan it and digitize. If location doesn’t exist, but there is a CAD or BIM design project – you can export it in AR. When you making locations AR presentation, you can fill it with text and media materials, so the user have all the information needed.

Using locations AR presentation on the expo will boost engagement and conversion to the lead on your stand.


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