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AR application for FMCG can help you to boost your brands awareness and engagement rate on a high new level. Interaction with AR content engages user in interaction with your brand and increases user’s loyalty. User generated content builds users confidence and improves emotional experience while interaction. Best options in using AR application for FMCG are:

  • making of brand-associated quiz
  • development of AR games using your virtual product packaging
  • development of engaging emotional AR experiences

and many others.

Big opportunity for brand to get a lot of user data is using web AR campaigns. Such solutions gives you ability to track user data while user session. Your marketers can use this data to improve UX of AR campaign and even UX of your product.

AR application for FMCG can give you ability to build strong connection with your users and makes it possible to develop it over a long period of time. Using it, user can get access  to up-to-date marketing  information. Using push notifications you can reach your users when it’s needed and call them to actions. Moreover, making AR content once, you can use it in further campaigns and products. Today metaverse is a big trend, and AR content gives you ability to implement it in existing metaverse products to reach their audience. Or, you can create your own metaverse to monetize your users loyalty with the help of virtual assets.

AR application for FMCG is a good start for your brand on the way to the metaverse.

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