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Marketing AR game is a kind of marketing activity, using to boost user engagement and loyalty. The best case to use it – when some other media product comes on the market. For example a movie, or AAA game on PC or for consoles. Good example of it – when Netflix released The Witcher seasons, CD Project Red released their AR game The Witcher: Monster Slayer. Such combination gives users ability to try new universe in a very interactive mode, even before they watched series, or while they waiting new episode coming. It helps to support users interest to the main product, as well as to increase their engagement. It leads to higher level of users loyalty, and increases return rate.

Marketing AR game can be used not only in the case of some big product release. It is a very good way to attract and capture users attention in any marketing campaign – online or offline. In offline you can control users attention in the area, guiding users to the points of interest. In online you can capture user attention to increase time of interaction, and increase number of marketing interactions (for example number of ad impressions).

Marketing AR game now works well even in webar mode, so your users don’t need to download the app.
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