AR for FMCG example

AR for FMCG example play

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Website views while marketing campaign

170 000

Unique users used AR


Number of activations per user

AR for FMCG is a very good way to make your product stand out from the rest. AR for FMSG is quite the same as AR for product packaging. Users tracking the product packaging to view some AR content. They can play some AR games, or make some brand associated content, using the appearing AR content, and share it in social media. The content formate can differ depending of brands needs. AR face filters motivates users to film funny videos and share it in instagram, while AR games motivates users to share their scores. Using some celebrity’s personality helps to communicate with the audience of this celebrity.

There are a lot of different game mechanics brand can use to interact with the user. The most simple – is pre-created AR animated scenario, where AR content improves the way the product looks. It can interact with the product package, use some vfx to make interaction more visually attractive, etc. Another way users can interact with AR for FMCG – is to start some spatial AR game from the product packaging.

In Heinz case users could view an AR recipes, pointing camera on the product packaging. Depending of Heinz taste, user saw some specific recipes, where he could use Heinz ketchup. For each recipe you can also find a video, where this recipe used for cooking.

AR for FMCG helps to boost awareness and engagement. User’s interaction with the brand becomes deeper, and it makes more personalized experience. It leads to a greater user’s loyalty, and build strong communication between user and brand.


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