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3 000 000

Number of AR books sold

15 000

Monthly book circulation

AR for kids education is a very powerful solution, combining informative volume of encyclopedia and practical format of demonstration rooms. But in case of an AR app, all you need to use it – is your mobile phone and encyclopedia or brochure. Using illustrations in brochure kids can track them with mobile device camera to view AR scenes and models. In AR mode they can also interact with this AR objects, so they can play educative games and quizzes. The more interactive format is, the more experience kids gets. Moreover, 3D animated interactive scenarios gives much more information about any types of objects, giving ability to view them from different sides and in different scale.

In DEVAR AR encyclopedia case, AR for kids education become the additional tool for educational literature, which even can automate some educational processes, like lessons and lectures. After viewing AR objects, kids can be tested by the app automatically. Today AR for kids education is a tool, helping parents to free some time, while their kids studying.

DAVAR AR encyclopedia has materials in the fields of astronomy, physics, biology and many others. The simple example of an AR lesson:

Kid runs application and track illustration from encyclopedia with his mobile devices camera. He see animated 3D model of a planet, appearing over the illustration. He also see an AR assistant – animated virtual character, appearing near the AR object. This assistant can speak with a kid, telling him the information about the object. There is also interactive interface over the screen, where user can find buttons to rotate and scale model, to get more text information or to switch scenes.



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