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AR games for kids is a wonderful application of augmented reality (like the other ways of AR games implementation). Everyone loves them – developers loves developing it, kids likes playing it, parents love it when their kids playing it. Why is that you ask? The reason is – AR games is a very fun and engaging entertainment, which is in addition useful pastime. Kids are learning and improving their skills while they play. Most of them imply movement in the space. It means, that your kid wouldn’t just seat in one pose in one place all day long, increasing a risk of having scoliosis.

AR games for kids are very useful for educational purpose – it’s improves skills of spatial imagination, as well as they develop fine motor skills. Your kids will play it with great interest, because AR games for kids gives them ability to materialize their imagination. It gives them immersive experience of a whole new level, which helps their intellect to grow.

You can gamify any process and turn it in AR game, as well as you can turn any classic computer game kind in AR mode. The best-know example is Pokemon Go of corse.

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