AR for toddlers

AR for toddlers play

AR for toddlers can not only entertain kids while they learning. With the help of game mechanics it keeps child’s attention and guides it through educational process. Today the ADD is a huge problem, so games and mobile apps could be problem too. But in our case the most destructing¬† elements used for good purpose. This approach worked well in ordinary mobile educational game apps, as a part of edutainment paradigm. With AR mode these apps becoming even more engaging and realistic, moreover, kids not only can learn different information, but train skills as well.

For example, kids can control AR object (flying rocket for example) with gestures. Controlling it, kids can write numbers and letters with this rocket, or draw geometry figures. Such way of tasks execution is not boring, and implement learning process in a gaming process. AR for toddlers not only helps to make learning process easier, but also makes the process of results approaching more clear.

Another benefit of AR for toddlers education is mobility. AR mechanics makes kids to move during the gaming process, developers can even implement physical exercises in game process.  Today we can offer multiplayer AR experience, so this lesson could be not only helpful for studying, but for socializing also.

AR for toddlers is a good addition to traditional forms of studying, and it improves efficiency of the learning process. If you want to know more – read our article about AR benefits for learning

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