Benefits of AR for learning

Benefits of AR for learning are the ability to demonstrate any transformations of the three-dimensional scene that visualize real changes in the demonstrated object.



Learning with the help of AR technologies allows:

  • gain a large user reach through the ability to be used on smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • view objects in real size, the demonstration of which is difficult
  • any AR object can be supplemented with any interaction scenarios, content, infographics

With the help of interactive objects or scenes is possible:

  • show different action sequences
  • create animations
  • show changes of state with the help of effects

Benefits of AR for learning also in ability to interact simultaneously with one model, it is possible to build training on communication between trainees, as well as to create automated training and testing scenarios.

The main advantages of this format:

A great advantage of AR in training is the ability to let you interact with objects, including collaborative. Through this interaction, users have experiences that are relevant to the real world – which often provides cheaper and safer development of various skills. A separate possibility is to visualize real-time sequences of correct actions directly in a real environment, guiding the user through different processes, e.g. assembly, repair or maintenance

Great opportunities also offer a real-time augmented reality assistant, where a skilled person can help an unskilled person deal with a problem remotely by navigating through augmented reality elements

It provides:

  • flexibility of interaction and material presentation
  • possibility of automating the training and testing process
  • accessibility (offers can be used on an unlimited number of devices)


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